Adrián Javaloy

Adrián Javaloy

PhD student in Machine Learning

Saarland University

About me

My name is Adrián Javaloy and I am a PhD student at the Probabilistic Machine Learning group advised by Isabel Valera at Saarland University. You can find my CV here.

I am mostly interested in principled research that aims to better understand modern machine learning and how to make it easier to work. This includes probabilistic machine learning, work on heterogeneous data, out-of-domain generalization, differential geometry, and non-convex optimization, among others.

I am highly driven by curisoity and I am always happy to discuss interesting ideas. Feel free to text me on Twitter or email me.

  • Generative models
  • Multitask Learning
  • Optimization
  • MSc in Advance Computer Science, 2018

    University of Murcia

  • BSc in Computer Science Engineering, 2018

    University of Murcia

  • BSc in Mathematics, 2017

    University of Murcia

Recent Publications

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(2022). Mitigating Modality Collapse in Multimodal VAEs via Impartial Optimization. Mitigating Modality Collapse in Multimodal VAEs.

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(2021). Boosting heterogeneous VAEs via multi-objective optimization. In YMIW workshop @ NeurIPS2021.

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(2020). Relative gradient optimization of the Jacobian term in unsupervised deep learning. In NeurIPS2020.

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